Monday, June 5, 2017

Widow's Walk: a Globe Embracing Project

The Widow's Walk, Artist's Sketch

The Myth Makers are going to be working on two continents this summer to build their newest Avian Avatar. The Widow's Walk will be part of the New Bedford Seaport Art Walk in Mass. USA and the Keelung National Museum of Marine Science & Technology International Marine Environment Art Project in Taiwan!

The Widow's Walk, Seaport Art Walk 2017 New Bedford, Mass.

The concept for the Seaport Art Walk this year is Sustainable Oceans and it is curated by Jessica Bregoli. This piece is called the Widow's Walk and it is a mythical cormorant figure of a widow contemplating the uncertain future of our oceans in much the same way as sailor's spouses used to anticipate their return. Donna Dodson and Andy Moerlein used recycled plastic to draw attention to the gyre and the pollution of our oceans with plastic waste that threatens sea life. The Myth Makers are building a twin to this piece in Taiwan in August since this is an international issue.

Widow's Walk, Detail

Update: Wesley Sykes covered this story in South Coast Today on May 30, 2017, "Who’s the new bird in downtown New Bedford?" Chris Arsenault covered this story on May 30, 2017 for Fun 107 FM, "Busty Seagull’s Sister Flew Into Downtown, New Bedford." Carlos Pimentel Felix interviewed us on May 30th for New Bedford Live, "The Myth Makers are Back in New Bedford.Holly Camero covered this project in Wicked Local on June 1, 2017, "Maynard artists create sculpture for seaport exhibit."

Widow's Walk, bamboo, recycled black plastic, wire ties

For more information on the Taiwan project:

"The artists selected for the 2017 Keelung National Museum of Marine Science &Technology International Marine Environment Art Project have been announced. This year we had an overwhelming 231 applications from artists in many different countries. The following international artists have been selected for 2017 artist-in-residency projects at the National Museum of Marine Science & Technology in Keelung, Taiwan:"

Foreign Artists:
Patrick Demazeau│France
Susanne Ruoff│Germany
Donna Dodson and Andy Moerlein (the Mythmakers)│USA
Debbie Fish│New Zealand
Irene Hoppenberg│Germany

Taiwanese Artists:
Chen Chih Yang 楊金池
Chien Chih Chen 陳建智
Yoroe Lin 林猷柔

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