Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Avian Avatars migrate from New York City to Muskegon Michigan at the end of April!

Friday April 24th- International Sculpture Day 2015!

International Sculpture Day, or IS Day, is an annual celebration event held worldwide on April 24 to further the ISC’s mission of advancing the creation and understanding of sculpture and its unique, vital contribution to society. IS Day will include a wide range of events, openings, educational and promotional activities around the world to include, but not limited to open day at museum/sculpture park, open studios tours, demonstrations, workshops, panels, talks, presentations, discussions, parties and openings, sculpture exhibits, shows, tours…

Please join us for our final Artist Talk and Tour in NYC: If you have missed Avian Avatars and the Myth Makers in New York City, this is the last day to meet the artists and discuss the challenges and joys of team art making. Join the dynamic collaborative, Donna Dodson and Andy Moerlein for the closing events at either 5p or 7p. Walk through with artists followed by tea/coffee and conversation at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, 1412 Broadway @ 39th St.

Sarah Cascone from Artnet and The Huffington Post, recently picked this project as her number one spring public art show in NYC, and the Nashua Telegraph published a great write up on April 2nd about our story. Dr. Jill Kiefer also posted a nice write up on her blog April 1st, What about art? Lydia Warren posted a feature story ... "...went bird-watching on Broadway" on her blog, Today's the Day I. "A Silhouette of the crow from the Avian Avatars," was posted March 5th by Klaudette Ronnielle on her blog.

Monday April 27th- Launch Day of the Avian Avatars at The Muskegon Museum of Art in Michigan

Avian Avatars by The Myth Makers: Donna Dodson & Andy Moerlein
April 27, 2015 – May 1, 2016 in Muskegon MI

Avatar: a deliberate descent of a deity to Earth, an "appearance" or a "manifestation". ~Wikipedia

Since the beginning of human history cultures have identified birds as mythic and transformational. Their seasonal plumage has indicated change, signaled migration and foretold impending weather events. The Phoenix, Garuda, Horus, Ra, Thunderbird and angel iconography all address transcendence and rebirth. The world’s most symbolic birds – the Raptor, Owl, Crow, Pigeon, and Falcon - are flocking to Muskegon, Michigan, to consider our changing world.

The Muskegon Museum of Art is proud to announce that The Avian Avatars will be here on April 27, 2015, and they will reside in downtown Muskegon for a full year. Update: M-Live covered this event.
The Scold: Muskegon Museum of Art

Support for this project is provided by Hooker DeJong Architects and Engineers, the Hines Corporation, Eagle Alloy, Nichols, Alcoa Corporation, Annoesjka and Alan Steinman, Jan and Chris Deur, the Community Foundation for Muskegon County, and The Cheese Lady. Additional support provided by Verplank Truck Company and the Holiday Inn Muskegon Harbor/Third Street Grill. This project has been organized by the Muskegon Museum of Art.

The Great Spirit: Muskegon County Convention and Visitors Bureau
The Realist: Lakeshore Museum Center

Each monumental bird has something to say. They speak in different voices and from unique perspectives, but this gathering of Avian Avatars raises an alarm, speaking to modern humans who should heed their varied stories about the current human impact on their changing natural world.

The Tourist: Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce
The Tastemaker: Downtown Muskegon Farmers Market

Get to know The Realist, The Great Spirit, The Scold, The Tourist, and the Tastemaker this year in Muskegon! Update: Brandon Champion posted a preview on M-Live April 5, 2015. The Holland Sentinel posted a preview on April 8, 2015. This video, "Artistic Birds Land in Muskegon," was posted on April 27th by WZZM Channel 13/ABC news. "Giant Bird Sculptures Land in Muskegon," was posted on April 27th by Channel 17/Fox News. "Large bird-like sculptures, Avian Avatars, make their nest in downtown Muskegon," was posted on April 27th by Andraya Croft for This blog " Saturday's Critters in Art," was posted May 2nd on Irish Garden House blog. "Giant birds fly into Muskegon!" was posted on May 4th by Shoreline Media Group. "Avian Avatars" was posted on flickr by Kimberly Mossel on May 23, 2015.


  1. We Miss Then in NYC
    But happy to see Michigan is enjoying them
    I Though birds fly south

  2. Thank you! Look for them next year in Washington DC.

  3. I'm not sure I can ever go back to any other place, after an experience like this. This place is appropriate in a space that lends so much gravitas to events. The design of NYC venues is sharp and environment is unbelievably good.