Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Moose Myth

The Moose Myth

There is a story told of twin moose brothers, each robust and noble, who shared the Northern Kingdom. One fine day they met in a glade and neither would yield. They charged and impacted with a resounding crash of angry power. In the ensuing battle they entangled antlers in a death lock. Unable to separate, they continued to battle. After days of throwing their enmeshed antlers and bodies about, unable to eat or drink, exhausted, they were on the brink of death. A small child came upon the feuding but now feeble twins and offered to free them, but only if they would promise to live in peace. They thankfully accepted the offer.

Image: Moose Myth, 22 ft tall, saplings, 2010 at the International Sculpture Symposium, Bicentennial Park, Nashua, NH

Freed, the twins stood on two feet in honor of their human friend and lived their lives striving to solve conflicts with negotiation and compromise. They agreed that one would live by the sea and rule over the Portsmouth waterfront and all the bridges and seaways linking NH to the world. The other mighty moose would rule inland, near the confluence of the Nashua and Merrimack Rivers, majestically protecting the vital and diverse city of Nashua.

Two sculptures celebrate this myth.

Image: Moose Myth, 22 ft tall, saplings, 2010 at Art Speak Overnight Art, Market Square, Portsmouth NH

Update: Watch a video of the artists moving The Portsmouth Moose Myth to the University of New England in Portland Maine.

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